Thousands of aspiring medical students select the Caribbean each year to pursue their dream of medicine as it plays a very prominent role in educating the students and serving them with a great help to become successful doctors. Washington University of Barbados, one of the Elite Caribbean Medical Schools, provides an opportunity for passionate students who dream to become a practitioner in the Global Elite of Medical Hospitals.

It is important for you to understand the following if you are planning to pursue your dream of medicine from the plethora of medical schools in the Caribbean.

1. Approvals and Accreditations for Licensure:

This is one of the most important factors while considering a Caribbean medical school is whether or not the medical school you are considering have accreditations that are recognized. The majority of the Caribbean medical schools are not recognized throughout the major hospitals in the global arena which can cause a major issue for students after the completion of their graduation. It’s important to know that if the Caribbean medical school you are considering is accredited by the US & also other countries globally most importantly as the US have more stringent rules concerning International Medical Schools Graduates.

2. Reputation:

There are many medical schools in the Caribbean, some serve the common students of the country where they are located but WUB serves aspiring medical school students from all over the world. Washington University of Barbados provides unique reputation with professionals and professors with wide expertise.

3. Admission Requirements:

Another important step in considering a medical school in the Caribbean is the admission requirement or the eligibility criteria. Washington University of Barbados does not require MCAT, SAT or any other entrance examinations. It gives an excellent opportunity for students mostly offshore who are skeptical for entrance examinations and get relaxed in terms of all requirements. But also we encourage students to have the minimum basic requirements in joining a medical school and we discover passion by our expert team of counselors who give the eligibility for admission.

4. Quality Curriculum:

Most medical schools in the Caribbean only offer basic medicinal sciences but do not focus on the longer growth and future scope of students. WUB offers the students with curriculum embedded with the USMLE preparation which is indeed unique and even makes the competitors get stunned and this serves a great help for the aspiring students willing to pursue their dream as a successful doctor and putting their path towards practicing in the US & in the elite of medical hospitals.

Other factors like the excellence in the level of the laboratory facilities with advanced technologies are always a major factor in making the student not only sound at theory but in real time practice. With the Clinical rotations in the US, human simulators and organ system based teaching in its curriculum, WUB stands out in the crowd with its uniqueness in the handful of the group of Caribbean medical schools.

5. Opportunity for Residency:

Students are provided with a golden opportunity to pursue their residency (NRMP – National Residency Medical Program) in the US & also globally in other countries as we have many reputed medical schools which include the US, and two other countries globally associated with providing a better future for students and have an edge over other similar students of the group of Caribbean Medical Schools.