Studying MBBS in Caribbean Islands at an international medical school is always a dream education for students and with the ability to do that at Barbados, a beautiful island in the Caribbean will always be a memorable one and will be remembered for life.

Barbados is a beautiful sovereign Island country, surrounded with its amazing beaches, charming botanical gardens, the pleasing Harrison’s Cave formation, and 17th-century splendid plantation houses like St. Nicholas Abbey and much more. It’s a nation of the delicate hearted Barbadians filled with a lot of friendship, kindness, peace, humanity, courtesy and fellow feeling. It’s a land with eleven churches and four towns, each with their own appearance, glamour, and history.

Washington University of Barbados with its lust of greenery located in St.Philip is one of the most serene and eco-friendly campuses.

With students & faculty staying in the same house, it is always a knowledge center in sharing knowledge making it a center of excellence.

Classrooms that are fully equipped and technologically advanced teaching methodologies make it the go-to destination for the medical schools.

With projectors and highly advanced simulation systems, students get a real feel of being a doctor and testing their skills to perfect them.

The in-house library is a treasure house of knowledge with hundreds of volumes of the most reputed medical books and journals. It also has access to online journals and multimedia sources so as to make a student grow overall to his full potential.

The campus is 24 hours accessible and as faculties stay in-house there is a strong intellectual bond between the faculty and students.

Extra-curricular are always a welcome because of the fact that students are unfinished diamonds and encouragement in all the directions can make him a better individual.

With facilities like ball court and swimming pool students have the enjoyment and relaxation they wish for, making WUB the dream destination for students to pursue the most sacred profession – Doctor.