The final six trimesters of the University’s MD Program, Clinical Sciences are completed during Clinical Rotations at affiliated hospitals and clinical facilities in *US & countries globally based on performance of students.

Seventy Six (76) weeks of clinical rotations are divided into forty eight (48) weeks of Core Rotations where the subjects like Internal Medicine, General Surgery, Pediatrics, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Psychiatry and Family Medicine are been taught.

The rest Twenty Eight (28) weeks of the course named as Elective Rotations are practiced by the students at the affiliated hospitals of Washington University of Barbados located in the *USA.

During Elective Rotations, students can select any of the subject of their choice like Otorhinolaryngology, Radiology, Anesthesiology, Emergency Medicine, Ophthalmology, Dermatology, Orthopedic Surgery, Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation and e.t.c.

After completion of Clinical Rotations, the student will be awarded with the degree of Doctor of Medicine. The University has some of the best hospitals for students to become world class physicians.

*we intend to have clinical rotations in US.






Round the clock care is provided to the OPD and admitted patients by a team of qualified and experienced nursing staff. This department is running under the supervision of the Matron and Nursing Supervisor. Each ward has 1 department In-charge who monitors the day to day care to the patient for their full satisfaction and speedy recovery. Various services are rendered under this department as mentioned below. 



OPD services starts from 7 am to 7 pm for six days in a week and from 7 am to 1 pm for Saturday with a team of 6 staffs. Nominal charge of Rs.450 (including VAT) is taken for the registration of new patient and Rs. 400 for the old patients. The registration of patient is done at the main reception and registration department is located at the ground floor of hospital which is easily accessible to the patient.

OPD clinics are placed from OPD 1 to OPD 10

OPD 1: Internal Medicine

OPD 2: Gynecology and Obstetrics

OPD 3: Orthopedic, Spine and Trauma

OPD 4: Endocrinology & Orthopedics

OPD 5: Pediatrics

OPD 6: General Surgery & Urology

OPD 7: USG & Echo

OPD 8: Dermatology, Psychiatry& Medical Oncology


OPD 10: Cardiology

Working shift

Morning shift: 7am to 1pm

Evening shift: 1pm to 7pm

(On Saturday only Morning shift and as per need)


The above table and chart shows the increasing trend in the number of patients in Out Patient Department (OPD).


24 hour emergency service is available at GCH with the support of 8 staffs in the department. There are 10 beds in the department. Records are made of each and every patient. Monthly recording and reporting is done to the matron. The major clinical conditions encountered in GCH Emergency include Road Traffic Accident (RTA), Poison, Diarrhoea, COPD, Viral Fever, Gastritis, Communicable Disease and others.

Along with that a Disaster Committee is formed which includes Medical officers, Nursing staffs and other support staffs under the supervision of MD, Matron and Administration to manage the situation. Different Zones are made like Red, Yellow, Green & Black to segregate the critical patients for better care.

Working shift

Morning shift: 7am to 1pm

Evening shift: 1pm to 7pm

Night shift: 7pm to 7am


Green City Hospital is providing all its services in very subsidized rates to the poor patients and also the patients from rural areas. In compliance with the government rule hospital is also serving the senior citizen, free bed and provision of discount to the needy and poor people. It also has a history of serving the poor patient totally free of cost. It also has displayed the patient chart for transparent and quality care.

GCH has conducted different free health camps outside the valley like Nuwakot, Rasuwa, Dhading, Lamjung and in the northern of Kathmandu City with free distribution of medicines.

There is the provision of about 10% discount to the students, senior citizens rural people and about 15% discount for the member of the hospital and provision of different health packages as per the need of the patient the cost of the package ranges from minimum to high cost. Various health facilities are made accessible to the community people with the collaborative approach with Health Post, VDC, etc.


Green City Hospital is not engaged in any educational and research activities till now but the students of nursing, health care management and other health related fields are given the platform for educational and research purpose.

Different IEC materials are being published by the organization to aware the community people about the existing facilities.



Administration Department is the heart of the hospital. In hospital setting, there are different Technical and Non-Technical staffs. They carry out their functions for achievement of the objectives of the hospital. Managing the hospital staffs is the most difficult task. The administration is responsible to perform the Recruitment, Selection, Promotion, Demotion, Transfer, Job specification, Description of various staffs.

The management committee of the hospital recruits and appoints the hospital personnel of various departments: administration, medical & Non- medical. The hospital administrator is responsible for the overall management and supervision of all the hospital operations.


The notice of vacancy is published out in daily newspaper. Personnel selection is based on the experience, education, training, physical fitness and positive work attitude on the applicants. Determinants of selection of GCH are interviews, receipt of satisfactory references, pre-employment & necessary applicable tests.

Initially the staff is recruited for a six months of probation period and after that being based on the performance the staff is either confirmed by giving a one year contract or terminated or probation period extends if the performance is not satisfactory.


On the basis of the performance as measured by the department Incharge and the management team the staff is appointed. The administrative officer and matron of GCH conduct orientation for new employment to get acquainted with rules and regulations of GCH as well as for the socialization of new employees with other members of Green City Hospital.


GCH evaluates its employees in every six months with the help of the evaluation form which is filled by the department In-charge under the supervision of the management committee solely being based on work performance, appearance, attendance and attitude. Any actions regarding demotion and dismissal from the work is based on the annual evaluation report.


Promotions to position of greater responsibility are made from among GCH employees. However, the employees must possess the necessary qualification and demonstrate the ability of performance.


Transfer is administered within the different departments of GCH. Satisfactory performance in present job, adequate qualification for the requested job, priority of need in both departments, six month work in a department is minimum requirement to be eligible for transfer to another department.


When a staff member on probation period fails to give satisfactory performance as per his/ her Job Description, the hospital may terminate that staff member’s service by giving two weeks’ notice in writing, or by paying two weeks’ salary in lieu of notice.


Provision of on call staffs is made as per the need of the patient in each department. Along with the regular staffs on call staffs are made available to meet the WHO criteria for all the departments to provide quality care to the patients. An employee participating in an on call duty is entitled to receive special compensation based on the call duty policy of the hospital.


Green City Hospital runs 24 hours service to the patients. There are 3 working shift in GCH. Weekly 42 hrs duties should be performed by each staff. In case of Medical Officer there are three house officer (ICU, NICU, ER & Ward) performing 24 hrs duty.

A. Day shift:

General shift: 10 am to 5.00 pm

(This shift is applicable for all the administrative staffs.)

As per the need of the hospital: 12 hrs. /10 hrs. /8 hrs.

B. Rotation Shift:

For departments with 24 hour service coverage, the working shifts are arranged as

Morning Shift:      7.00 AM to 1.00 PM & 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM

Evening Shift:       1.00 PM to 7.00 PM & 2:00 PM  to 8:00 PM

Night Shift:           7.00 PM to 7.00 AM & 8: 00 PM to 8:00 AM


Green City Hospital pays the monthly salary to the employees. There is the provision of employee discount. Hospital provides uniform allowance to all the hospital employees as allocated by yearly budget. The training is also given to the staffs of the hospital as per the need of the department.


There are total 36 days of leave for the employees of the hospital including annual, sick, causal and festival leave. Along that funeral leave for 15 days (only if the staff has to do the funeral ceremony him/herself) and maternity leave for 30 days is also provided to the employees who complete one year service in the hospital.


Personal record of every employee is kept by the head of the department, Matron or the Administration as per the hierarchy.


All the hospital staff seeks to uphold following principles:

Must keep in confidence, information about the patients and other people.

Only clinician is permitted to diagnose and treat patients.

Staffs never suggest patient for changing the doctors and hospitals.

Maintain work environment free from harassment due to gender.

Crystal clear financial transaction in the account department should be made.

Every staff should maintain the levels of own place.


Green City Hospital has some guidelines about discipline of the personnel. Anyone who violates the rules and regulations of the hospital, and don’t follow the discipline guidelines, is responsible to be punished in accordance with the hospital policy.


It encourages employees to talk with the in-charge about the complaints. Initially staffs submit their verbal complaint in the daily morning meeting session and in case of serious issues it is recorded either in the departmental meeting or personally reported to the management or written complaints. If the grievance is not managed at the departmental level then the manager is involved to solve the issue.










Financial management process includes the generation and dissemination of financial resources in the organization. The finance generation includes income sources while the dissemination means the allocation and utilization of finance. Finance and accounting department has very important role for maximum utilizations of the financial resources of the hospital. Finance department of hospital is valuable while deciding capital investment, procurement, revenue identification and proper utilization of the money. The main sources of revenues are collected from house rent, OPD, IPD, investigations and emergency fees from the patients. There are two staffs in the accounts: Account Officer and Assistant Accountant. The Front office is under this section so the Reception and Cash Incharge also lies under this department.

Reception & Cash Incharge

Reception & Cash Counter

Assistant Accountant

Account Officer

CA/ Auditor

Organogram of Finance Department



This is the main contact point for all the patients and visitors who come to the hospital seeking the medical facilities. The receptionist is responsible to book an appointment with the consultant and patients accordingly, answer the telephone, guide the visitors to the respective areas and maintain inter departmental coordination. Cash counter is responsible to handle day to day cash transaction, performs daily billing and maintains the day book and submits the collected cash to the accounts department on daily basis. There are altogether 10 staffs in the department working in different shifts.


Marketing is done for the advertisement of the hospital. Free Health camps are organized from time to time to serve the needy people also to aware the community people about the existing healthcare facilities provided by the hospital. Marketing & Public Relation Incharge is responsible plan, organize, implement and recommend for the free health camps, workshops, etc as per need. Marketing and public relation is the important tool for promotion of hospital. GCH is maintaining public relation by following activities:

Free health camp.

Hospital’s brochures, annual report.

Discount facilities for the needy group, senior citizen, marginalized groups, etc.

Free health care facilities to the poor & under privileged group.

Seminars, conferences, workshop involving maximum participants including hospital staffs.